Masjid Al Ittehad

Masjid Al Ittehad

Helping you fulfill your religious obligations since 1992.

Prayer Times

5:30 AM
1:30 PM
5:00 PM
9:00 PM
1:00 PM


Worshiping The Creator and Serving The Creation

As a house of worship, our mosque also serves as a place of companionship, communal identification, children's education and information exchange.

Regular Congregational Prayers

The masjid is available to the community for daily salah & Jumuah prayers.

Islamic & Educational Lectures

Educational lectures by resident and visiting scholars to enrich & enlighten the community.

Community Events

Community events involving the family are organized on a regular basis.

Islamic Burial Services

The Masjid is committed to providing religious services and guidance to all Muslims in performing the religious duties of an Islamic funeral.


Serving the community since 1992

IMNA (Masjid Al Ittehad) is a religious institution adhering to a moderate interpretation of Islam that is spiritually rich and contextually relevant. We believe God is One and Prophet Mohammed is the last of many Prophets (i.e. Jesus and Moses - peace be upon them all).

We strive to assist the Muslim community in fostering Islamic values by providing religious, educational, interfaith relations and social services for the betterment of humanity. We promote dialogue and work with people of all faiths.