Youth Group

On every Friday nights at 6pm during the academic year, youth meet at the Masjid Al-Ittehad to attend their “halaqas” or circles of learning with their peers and halaqa leaders to conduct activities and discuss issues relevant to their ages and environment. Halaqas are oriented in such a way to integrate Islamic education along with the activities. Halaqas cover ages from 8 to 18 years old for both females and males and are grouped according to gender and age group.

In addition to the Friday night meetings, individual halaqas organize occasional activities and outings for their own groups such as the youth qiyam-ul-lail (Nightly Prayers), youth community service, seasonal outings such as hiking, field trips, bonfire, camps, bowling, ice skating, sports in the park…etc

Our Mission

  • To establish and strengthen our American Muslim Identity so we can define who we are and speak for ourselves instead of having others try to define us and speak for us.
  • To build bonds among the Muslim youth to provide support for one another and help each other grow to become productive members of society who contribute socially and professionally to our community.
  • To develop our Islamic Character and knowledge of our deen so that we can become better Muslims and practice our faith with a solid foundation and understanding of the Quran and the teachings our beloved prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.
  • To serve our community by volunteering to help those around us who are in need of our support.
  • To reach out to youth and adults of other faiths to build coalitions and organize our efforts towards common goals that benefit our community locally, nationally and internationally.