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Masjid Al-Ittehad was founded in 1990 to bring together the Muslim communities in North County of San Diego (Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos and parts of Escondido). The Masjid Al-Ittehad facility consists of a men’s and women's prayer halls, library, and kitchen; and is located at 925 Anza Ave, Vista, CA. 



Masjid Al-Ittehad is dedicated to building a strong united Muslim community in North San Diego County by providing a place to congregate and to learn Islamic values. Masjid Al-Ittehad is alsodedicated to providing necessary education for the community children to building a strong Islamic foundation that will benefit them in their worldly lives and the hereafter.



The Masjid board, staff, and volunteers strive hard to attain the following major objectives: 

1- To have full time, qualified imam to lead the daily prayers and provide
    Islamic guidance and consultation to the Muslim community. 
2- To provide Islamic and Quran classes for adults and youth. 
3- To hold daily prayers, night payers (Qyamm-ul-lail), jumma prayers and
    other such prayers at the facility lead by the imam. 
4- To organize community activities such as sporting events, BBQs,
    lunches/dinners, etc. to bring the community closer. 
5- To promote participation among other San Diego Muslim communities and